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Effect of pre-oxidation treatments on the structural, microstructural, and chemical properties of β-(Ni,Pt)Al system
John Edison García Herrera
Diego German Espinosa Arbelaez
Luis Alberto Cáceres Díaz
Guillermo César Mondragón Rodríguez
Jesús González Hernández
Luis Gerardo Trápaga Martínez
Juan Muñoz Saldaña
Juan Manuel Alvarado-Orozco
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Bond coat
Thermal barrier coatings
The effect of isothermal pre-oxidation treatments on the β-(Ni,Pt)Al + IDZ + René N5 system degradation is reported here. The pre-oxidation treatments were carried out from 900 °C (mostly θ-Al2O3 growing conditions) to 1200 °C (mainly α-Al2O3 growing conditions) for 5 h, under an Ar-stream with pO2 = 1 × 10−5 atm. The correlation between the structural, microstructural, and chemical properties of the β-(Ni,Pt)Al BC show that pre-oxidation parameters have an important effect on the multi-elemental counter diffusion phenomena along the BC. Heat treatments performed above 1100 °C resulted in loss of stability of the BC, partially disordering of the β phase promoting the β → β + L10 and β → β + L12 transformations. A significant BC + IDZ thickness increase of 55% at 1200 °C was observed with respect to the as-received specimen resulting in a severe BC degradation. Multi-elemental inward diffusion is the main mechanism responsible for BC degradation at high temperatures.
Acknowledgments: The authors thank D. Konitzer at GE-Aviation, USA, and Jose Luis Ortiz-Merino at General Electric Infrastructure Queretaro, Mexico, for providing the samples used in this research. This project was supported by CONACYT through the program National Problems and the project 2015-01-863, as well as the CATEDRAS Conacyt. The authors also thank the National Lab–CENAPROT and the consortiums CONMAD and MTH for providing all the facilities required for carrying out this work.
Elsevier B.V.
Surface and Coatings Technology, v. 367, no. 15 June 2019, p. 156-164
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Garcia-Herrera, J. E., Espinosa-Arbeláez, D. G., Cáceres-Díaz, L. A., Mondragón-Rodríguez, G. C., Ruiz-Luna, H., González-Hernández, J., Trápaga-Martínez, L. G., Muñoz-Saldaña, J. and Alvarado-Orozco, J. M. Effect of pre-oxidation treatments on the structural, microstructural, and chemical properties of β-(Ni,Pt)Al system. Surface and Coatings Technology. 15 June 2019. Vol. 367, p. 156–164. DOI 10.1016/j.surfcoat.2019.03.057
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