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Characterization of a C-based coating applied on an AA6063 alloy and developed by a novel electrochemical synthesis route
Adriana Gallegos-Melgar
Arturo Abúndez-Pliego
Francisco Javier Flores Ruiz
J.C. Díaz-Guillén
Jose Antonio Betancourt Cantera
Maricruz Hernandez-Hernandez
Luis Gerardo Trápaga Martínez
Carlos Agustín Poblano Salas
Jorge Leobardo Acevedo Dávila
Jan Mayén Chaires
Acceso Abierto
C-based coating
Raman spectroscopy
AFM characterization
This research aimed to obtain a C-based coating electrochemically applied on an AA6063 alloy. Two electrochemical cells were designed and manufactured to obtain the C-based coating film on flat and cylindrical samples. Structural and microstructural characterizations were performed along with fatigue and corrosion performance testing. The structural and microstructural characterization revealed that the C-based coating deposited on AA6063 corresponded to carbon nanofibers and/or polycrystalline graphite. The performance testing showed an increase in fatigue life along with a decrease in corrosion resistance. The fracture surfaces of the fatigued samples were inspected by Scanning Electron Microscopy and 3D optical microscopy to correlate them with fatigue life estimation. The aforementioned process is a step towards the future development of a complete coating system that will overcome corrosion susceptibility. The carbon film obtained by this electrochemical route has not previously been reported elsewhere.
Author contributions: Conceptualization, A.G.-M., Y.G.-L., A.A. and J.M.; Data curation, Y.G.-L., F.J.F.-R., J.C.D.-G., J.A.B.-C., M.H.-H. and J.M.; Formal analysis, A.G.-M. and J.M.; Funding acquisition, A.A., G.T.-M. and C.A.P.-S.; Investigation, A.G.-M., Y.G.-L., F.J.F.-R., J.C.D.-G., J.A.B.-C., M.H.-H. and J.M.; Methodology, A.G.-M., A.A. and F.J.F.-R.; Project administration, J.M.; Resources, J.L.A.-D.; Supervision, A.G.-M. and J.L.A.-D.; Writing—original draft, A.G.-M.; Writing—review & editing, G.T.-M., C.A.P.-S. and J.M. All authors have read and agreed to the published version of the manuscript.
Funding: The funding for this research was provided by CONACYT through the project grant INFR-293468 and FOINS 2016-01-2488.
Acknowledgments: We thank Cátedras CONACYT and CONACYT National System of Researchers for supporting the researchers with ID numbers 2309 and 5150. we suggest to move the funding information to the Funding section.
Conflicts of interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest.
Coatings, vol. 10, no. 45, 15 págs.
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Gallegos-Melgar, A.; González-López, Y.; Abúndez, A.; Flores-Ruiz, F.J.; Díaz-Guillén, J.C.; Betancourt-Cantera, J.A.; Hernández-Hernández, M.; Trápaga-Martínez, G.; Poblano-Salas, C.A.; Acevedo-Dávila, J.L.; Mayen, J. Characterization of a C-Based Coating Applied on an AA6063 Alloy and Developed by a Novel Electrochemical Synthesis Route. Coatings 2020, 10, 145
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