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Swirling efects in atmospheric plasma spraying process: experiments and simulation
Alma Gabriela Mora García
Haideé Ruiz Luna
Carlos Agustín Poblano Salas
Juan Muñoz Saldaña
Luis Gerardo Trápaga Martínez
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Atmospheric plasma spraying
Deposit footprint
Swirl effect
Mathematical modeling
Plasma torch
Experimental evidence of swirling effects in 3D trajectories of in-flight particles is presented based on static and dynamic footprints analysis as a function of stand-o_ distance of Al2O3 deposited employing a Metco-9MB torch. Swirling effects were validated with a proprietary computational fluid dynamics (CFD) code that considers an argon-hydrogen plasma stream, in-flight particles trajectories, both creating the spray cone, and particle impact to form a footprint on a fixed substrate located at different distances up to 120 mm. Static and dynamic footprints showed that swirl produces a slight deviation of individual particle trajectories and thus footprint rotation, which may affect coating characteristics.
John McKelliget (U. of Massachusetts), coautor.
Author contributions: conceptualization, J.M.-S. and G.T.-M.; methodology, I.M.-V.; software, I.M.-V., J.M. and G.T.-M.; formal analysis, A.G.M.-G, H.R.-L., J.M.-S.; investigation, I.M.-V.; resources, C.A.P.-S., J.M. and G.T.-M.; data curation, I.M.-V.; writing—original draft preparation, I.M.-V., A.G.M.-G, H.R.-L., J.M.-S. and C.A.P.-S.; writing—review and editing, J.M.-S., C.A.P.-S., J.M. and G.T.-M.; visualization, A.G.M.-G. and H.R.-L.; supervision, J.M.-S., C.A.P.-S., J.M. and G.T.-M.; project administration, I.M.-V., J.M. and G.T.-M.; funding acquisition, J.M. and G.T.-M. All authors have read and agreed to the published version of the manuscript.
Funding: The support from CONACYT through a FONCICYT project, No. 279931, is greatly appreciated.
Acknowledgments: Authors acknowledge the Cátedras CONACYT program. Israel Martinez also acknowledges the support received from CONACYT by a PhD grant. This work has been carried out at CENAPROT and LIDTRA national laboratories.
Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest.
Coatings, vol. 10, no. april, p. 388-396
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Martínez-Villegas, I.; Mora-García, A.G.; Ruiz-Luna, H.; McKelliget, J.; Poblano-Salas, C.A.; Muñoz-Saldaña, J.; Trápaga-Martínez, G. Swirling Effects in Atmospheric Plasma Spraying Process: Experiments and Simulation. Coatings 2020, 10, 388
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